40 steps to a real friendship among peoples, capable of stopping the quarrels and wars!


All leading politicians know that the owners and creators of money dollar (for the sake of which were artificially separated first and second world war, which killed more than 60 million people), want to start a new world war in order to reduce the population of 5 billion people! We still have, perhaps, a little time to stop this madness.


Our goal: to unite the world and to stop all wars. We offer award, which more than all the money in the world (more than all things and more valuable than any money million). To do this, you should read and be able to communicate in their own language the following facts that could stop the war, to the realization of at least 500 thousand people of your country.


1. It is important to understand how to begin life on our planet. As proved by scientists, everything that we see around us, there was one point. So initially we were all united and our universe is created by sheer thought of the Creator! If you have a picture, it means that there is an artist who created the painting. If there is a complex clever design means that there is a designer who designed it. Deny the existence of the Creator, the Creator of the universe is just silly and illogical ... If we cease to be aware of its unity, it will lead to fight selfishness, and his extreme stage - the brutality and self-destruction of civilization that has happened not only on our planet ...


2. It is important to realize that we are all now flying in the universe on a small planet Earth, which is the mass of 330 thousand times smaller than the sun ... So really we did not have enough mind-mind to live around the world on the planet, which is also alive organism, and for all of us not just a common home and spacecraft, but also a mother, providing all of us, for free, everything necessary for life and growth? If we unworthily will treat the planet with a population of, then surely we will be open to Distant Worlds and future opportunities? Who needs we will be there, even if we at home from their activities is bad?


3. The true language - the language of silence, awareness of a higher reality or truth without words. And any word uttered in the world - it's a half-truth of the mind invented words ... We are too limited in their understanding of integrity. Our souls are not awakened and hearts are closed, and even the conscience of many sleeps ... Therefore, any words of the people, and especially politicians and critics - divide us and lead to quarrels and wars ... So do not look for the truth in their own or other people's words .. .

 4. All people in the world have countrymen, earthlings ... The division into different languages, countries and flags - is an insidious deception to keep people in fear of others and blind submission itself. Conscience, which prohibits the killing of fellow countrymen - should be your basic laws in the world! And to my fellow countrymen, we need to treat in a brotherly way, at home ... where the rights of conscience and love, there is fabricated intelligence laws are not necessary ... And the existing system of law is not really fighting for his life in harmony to build a society, just feed due to violations of the laws which is the fruit every day.



 We must first understand and then to recognize that all people in the world - are our native countrymen. Therefore all wars - are illegal and lawlessness in the face of all fellow-wide as the world and the universe ...


5. Death is real only what is already dead. The true essence of the man - his eternal Spirit. Therefore, all those who inspire you, that you are just the body - the insidious liars! And call to kill people may only samoobmanschiki or deceive people! Photos and videos, which show only mortal flesh - contribute to dive into the illusion and self-deception ... But we should strive for knowledge of his eternal Spirit!


6. Suggestion mental fears the people through the media, movies, photos - a form of hypnosis and psychological repression. To communicate with a large audience worthy only people of high spiritual and moral development. People without a conscience very quickly transfer their mental contagion to the whole city and the country, so they can not be allowed to the media. People are afraid of virus outbreaks, but modern media technologies are spreading dirt effective mental viruses, ie instantly. Their main products carries a vulgarity, aggression, greed, envy, pride and fear ... That is a "bunch" of defects that affects the consciousness of the audience from the very early childhood! Turn off the TV-hypnosis, hypnosis turn off the news! Isolate from society all those who publish the word aggression, criticism and hatred to at least one people of the land, causing people to deceive and war! Then you protect peace on Earth will be free from fear, become stronger and wiser!


7. All wars are made cowards-nonhumans for power and money! Any weapon people do out of fear of survival. But the weapon does not make people wiser, on the contrary, it makes people stupid! None of the healthy cell reasonable 75 trillion cells in our body comes up with weapons and not fighting with others! And those who are fighting - become cancerous and cause death ... So learn from his own body as well, you can live in harmony with the integrity of the different living systems.


8. 99.9% of the world's population does not want to die on the battlefield and in the depths of the soul against the war! Only 0.01% of non-humans on the planet associated with large corporations want to World War II for the sake of material enrichment! Why 75 trillion cells in our body are living in the world, and only 7 billion people can not agree to live without weapons and war? Filled with new consciousness which will provide further your evolutionary path!



9. The owners of corporations must stop destroying agriculture and stop hiding from people clean renewable energy. Phase out the production of oil, gas and coal, providing each affordable wireless energy sources.


10. It is important to realize that wars are losing or disabled and orphans ordinary people. First, Second and Third (1945-1991) World War II ended in population decline and the imposition of the whole bloody dollar plan world's largest corporations. And dollar for decades printed as a simple piece of paper without the gold equivalent of its value in the first place to build weapons. Creating candy wrappers "dollar" is the greatest deception of all peoples in the world!


11. Every man's life is very expensive on the planet. Therefore, no one has the right to permit the thought of how to take the life of those who are smaller or weaker than him!


12. Everyone is important to realize that in war there are no winners! No more war and revolution never in the history of the planet did not bring people good or happiness! On the contrary, war and social upheavals brought blood, trauma and suffering of a lifetime ...


13. We need to realize that the Earth's present home to a man is not a small piece of land, and our entire planet! A war is provoked by those who inspires people to act not in the interests of the whole planet, but in the interests of any country. Nationalism and patriotism only one country - a way to indoctrinate the population of aggression, war and suicide. The fruit of the war enjoys only a small group of selfish people who really do not care either before of people that it and people do not consider.


14. In all the wars in the world as a result of guilty people themselves conceive that can cause violence against those who are smaller and weaker than you. But as a person and a country, get a boomerang once accumulated and throw out into the world of its energy. This is the fundamental law of the universe, so it acts flywheel! Therefore, plotting war only fools who imagine themselves in this smart ...

Learn to protect the weak and help to acquire faith in yourself small!


15. The quarrels and wars plotting aggressors who are not able to love and forgive.

"As long as people are destroying the animals, they will kill each other. The man who sows the seeds of murder and pain can not reap joy and love. " (Pythagoras, the great mathematician and scientist)


When an animal is killed, the emotions of fear, hatred, vengeance and aggression are stored in the cells and transferred from food to people. It's like an infection, the virus anger and hatred towards life. And then this aggression breeds resentment and quarrels. And from quarrels and insults wars begin. There is even a proverb, "He who eats meat, the war in the world encourages." Therefore, vegetarianism is the most appropriate for animals and humans!


16. It is important to realize that the corporation owns all the media, TV, radio, newspapers, as well as money in the world - which simply print and distribute the owners of corporations to enslave even more people! And now there is a war between the corporations! People in such wars - just cannon fodder; they killed the most strong-willed, strong and healthy, which could raise their children ... who might enjoy and delight others with your love ...

It's time to say all wars "No!", It's time to stop the flow of madness!


The owners of corporations are genocide, as the population of the Americas, and the "third world" ... According to the plans of major corporations, plans to reduce the world's population by 80% in the vaccine, chemtrails, GMO-tainted food, alcohol and tobacco. 80% of people already infected and is now slowly dying ...


Private owners of corporations are striving to reduce the population of the planet, while increasing the power of their corporations. But the main waste products of these corporations in the end it turns out the garbage that is poisoning our planet.


"If we see that the [Second World] war Germany is winning we ought to help Russia and if Russia is winning we ought to help Germany, and let them kill as many as possible with each other, although I do not want in any way to see Hitler in winners. " (Harry Truman, 33rd President of the United States)


17. Soon, large corporations will be destroyed by the hands of the planet Earth - its largest volcanoes and ruined all the oligarchs. Therefore, all those who promise money for war and killing, will be cursed with their money, because the only purpose of life - is to find happiness. And his oligarchs never will be, if they had killed at least one person for money. Therefore, it is too late, is worth a lot to make the right decision.


18. Fighting for peace - it's like drinking poison for your health! Go to war for the devil dollars or slogans of "freedom", "democracy" and "patriotism" - is self-deception and crime. So once started Napoleon and Hitler ... but they were stopped by the Slavs, who did not start any World War II ...

Learn to drink for health, and for the world to fight, using only his strength of mind and words!


19. All war on planet earth over 2000 years undertaken more those who have been on hand, a huge amount of capital. Big money, capital, eventually render a non-humans, demon or creature that is worse than an animal. It is important to realize that the tycoons and oligarchs who have great possessions and corporations do not consider the common people for the people. For them, the common people - it's just consumables like ink for the printer, which they use to their advantage. Youth, which is now largely hoisted on the game about war and conquest - give their life energy, time and thought unsociable or false idols.

The life-giving power that filled their bodies, spent for destructive purposes. Therefore, the rich should be put to better use their savings, and the young must learn to spend for the benefit of the forces that Nature gave them!

20. It is important to realize that at the base of the root causes of the destruction of civilization and wars are bad habits in music! Clairvoyants and scientists believe that the destruction on Mars suggest that there was life, and the world's population has destroyed itself. The most advanced researchers believe that living beings Mars used to devastating rhythm of music similar to rock, which strengthened their minds aggression to extreme forms of selfishness and arrogance, which ultimately led to self-destruction of an entire civilization of Mars in a nuclear war ... There is evidence that the rock destroys human cells, then rock plants wither, loud rhythm makes the mind restless, aggressive and irritable almost everything. Rock drops the connection with a conscience, intuition and peace (inner happiness). Pure music - it is a moral law. A rock - the destroyer of peace, happiness and destroy morality.


21. Life on Earth is temporary and fleeting dream - a space for learning the eternal soul. Physical bodies are made up of people of cosmic dust and death for consciousness does not exist, therefore kill eternal consciousness of another person is simply impossible! After each murder, the soul will be killed to avenge the killer and his family until he has his revenge in one of his lives. Therefore, those who create wars and are urging people to aggression, anger, resentment, revenge and murder - is mad, deceived deceivers or puppeteers, who are trying to deceive people.


The desire of the war - a sign of unrealized hate myself, and therefore it is disrespectful to someone else's life! We are all guests on this earth! All had once gone to another world ... But it is not necessary to accelerate these events ... It is necessary to have time to learn the lessons provided by life because once it's time to come and exams ...


22. It is important to realize that the promotion of sexual relations before marriage - a weapon of war. A former US State Department official William Blum, admitted that he had 6 million people were victims of the CIA and NATO for almost 70 years of existence of these structures. Propaganda fornication and sexual relations before marriage, were destroyed fate of millions of families. Just over 10 years, the impact of information warfare through the media, TV and the Internet (created by the CIA to monitor people's attention), mothers were smotivirovany (!) On abortion or murder of their more than 450 million children! According to WHO, each year takes place over 50-60 million abortions!


The famous American politician William Fulbright wrote: "It creates a depressing impression that we in America clearly accustomed to wars. For the past many years, we are at war, or, or are ready to immediately start a war anywhere in the world. The war and the military became an integral part of our everyday life, and violence - the most important product in our country. " Over 90% of the video and erotic games with elements of violence, debauchery and murder done in the US to divert attention from the war. Debauchery of youth worse shots to the head, as the motivating young people to fornication, and suicide, as well as betrayal, violence and murder other people.

It is time to revive the forgotten concept of chastity, and mothers to become guardians of the home, rather than the murderers of their own children!


23. It is important to see the film "Appeal to all mankind" and recommend it to others. Save yourself an appeal can be here: https://yadi.sk/i/PxE9pInSevxcq


24. It is important to view and transmit a close film "The Sound and the Fury" about the destruction of brain cells and increase aggression and hatred in people through propaganda and false destructive music musical idols.


25 View and share all this parable: "How to stop the war in the world"?

Save yourself from here: https://yadi.sk/i/4XhwoRyzf9rLa


26 View and share all the film about the sponsors wars with 988 years, the first and second World Wars, "Nearly one billion people affected" or short passage.


27 View and share all the film "Weapons of World War 3".

Save yourself from here: https://yadi.sk/i/HDQ-2IICeDVoU


28 View and share all the movie "How to stop the war without killing anything."

Save yourself from here: https://yadi.sk/i/HDQ-2IICeDVoU


29. awaken their conscience, the relationship with the supreme intelligence in films below and begin to study the laws of the universe. Then consciousness postponed repeatedly that each gets what he wants another ...


I) "12 ways to stop quarrels and wars"

Save yourself from here: https://yadi.sk/i/fehCiUAkfACoV


II) "The Mystery of 3000 messages in the fields"

Save yourself from here: https://yadi.sk/i/t08gGiHyeDW6n


III) universal message Guardians of the Universe

Save yourself from here: https://yadi.sk/i/eadFkNNNf9qoi


30. View and transfer film "At the sight your brain" about the harmful effects of media and television on the human brain. The film helps to realize that the human mind enhances everything is concentrated on what! Watching TV or news more than one hour - this is a common form of hypnosis! TV just created just for this! TV, news and movies transform a person into a real parrot or a zombie. How honestly Head First TV channel Russia Konstantin Ernst: "Our viewers think that we entertain them with their transmissions ... In fact, we ask them to patterns of behavior". As the news media and reinforce the stupidity and aggression described in the technology, "Manipulation of consciousness".


31. It is necessary to encourage people of all countries to prayer and repentance for sins and vices of blind selfishness, for the millions who died during the genocide of Indians, Africans, Australians and for the genocide of many nations before our time.


32. It should encourage people to realize that all people are united in eternity.


33. Even economists confirm that the meat industry itself is very disadvantageous. And as she carries aggression and violence to living beings? None of us would like to be scored on meat, but because we, the people, are doing so in relation to the way we creatures! We must stop this massacre, and to start by getting people ... "It is doubtful that to sustain life, we need the meat of dead animals. Vegetables and grains give us a full, abundant, nutritious, high-calorie foods. No reasonable considerations do not require the person to fed on carrion. " (The great English scientist and economist, Adam Smith)


34. Any war fairly easy to start but hard to finish! War - it is a crime against all children and mothers! All wars are cursed mothers! Any war - a curse that can not atone for the victory! In war there are no winners. All are affected: cripples, beggars, humiliated, oppressed! It is important not to allow thoughts of anger and energy flowing from his desire for revenge and war, purify your consciousness from the poison of the news media.


35. Slavs from Russia and Ukraine are the only ones who are able to come together and force the Western world aggressor to peace. Slavs always stopped the aggressors and save the world from a great disaster. They have always been against the war and made every effort to avoid them. Slavs have always been for the friendship of all peoples! Hostile media lie about aggression Russia or Ukraine. People of these countries quarrel third forces, British and European politicians, just as they quarrel Indian tribes, sharing, pitting people and their lands vlastvuya! Slavs must come together shoulder to shoulder and prohibit politicians quarrel ordinary people!


Who ruined India and brought one of the richest nations to utter poverty and degradation of culture through television, media and perverse movies? English People. Who dropped the atomic bombs on Japan, incinerated, leaving no more than 120 eyes of thousands of people? Who sponsored factories Hitler? - US and British bankers. Who killed more than 500,000 children in Iraq? - Unscrupulous soldiers from NATO, which did not have compassion and love. They live in fear of ourselves! NATO mercenaries time to repent for sins committed and stop working for the devil dollars! It's time to stop killing people for the sake of corporate interests!


36. If you, the inhabitants of Europe, Ukraine and the United States, calling for a fratricidal war, then give up! If intimidate prison, go to jail. But this is - not your war! In war, all people - is cannon fodder! If all lay down their arms, then there will be no one to fight! Let the capitalists, bankers themselves fighting with their fists. 99.9% of the world against the war! Only fools want to do the desires of those who start a war for the sake of new patches of land!


37. As of today, everyone can stop sponsoring corporations that are destroying us as for our money, you can stop buying and drinking alcohol, white chemical sugar and salt, cigarettes and other drugs that are created by corporations to dullness and genocide of the peoples of the world.


38. From now on, you can develop treatment only traditional methods, proven for thousands of years; use technology to cleanse the body. Learn to work with your body and understand it.  

Treat Please respect to his body, and try not spoiled him. Try to do without pharmacy products, because they themselves pharmacies now - kind of business on human health. Get to a healthy lifestyle, take care of his achievements, help others!


39. Try to eat what grows in the garden, and not on the shelves in stores and grown in laboratories or factories soulless robots on chemical fertilizers. Be careful not to contaminate the planet poisonous garbage - plastic and other "chemistry"; then your conscience will be clear, and the planet grateful to you!


40. Remember that all disturbing spectacle of movies, videos and TV shows, as well as soulless computer games are created to divert your attention from the World War II, which now goes against every person on Earth! Games are created to inspire people with the false heroism and distract from the real help humanity. Whoever becomes the guardian of peace, has become a hero in reality!


We will be happy to thank all active members of the Association of Peace Keepers and give them something more than all existing money and things on earth.

It's enough to contact us through the site and keep in touch.


But you just might be the guardians of peace - a volunteer and help without expecting a reward, since such activities without desire for reward purifies the ego and pride. And the participation in our project can be considered the highest award for changing the course of the evolution of all mankind.


Always remember that the most important thing - not a reward, and your very participation for Peace on Earth. Because maybe that's because of you World War will be stopped and it will be more expensive than the money that you can get as a reward.


Please note that the most expensive ever sold for money (air, sun, wind, happiness, peace).


He may abide with you inspiration, true peacemakers, Keepers of the World!