About the Keepers of the Peace

Keepers of the Peace - it's the people who are free from all fears and try to keep the peace and tranquility in their hearts, no matter what external factors (natural disasters or human noise).


Keepers of the world are struggling with the main enemies of all mankind:

with greed, fear, arrogance, which are the causes of the arms race, materialism, atheism, theft, corruption, fuel conflicts, quarrels, brutality, cruelty, disputes, criticism, insults, crime and war.


Peace Keepers see anger, rudeness, envy, cruelty, greed and other vices of the people as a form of mental illness and the virus of self-destruction, which is necessary to treat all sensible people!


Due to the guardians of peace on the planet still exist places and countries in which people are encouraged to help neighbors, for good, for peace and tranquility.


Anyone who is willing to follow the honor code and instructions for life Keepers, who may consider themselves the guardians of peace and does not want to receive any official documents and confirmations from us.


Those who are willing or want to provide maximum assistance to people, it may take a survey on our website, and only after watching you clairvoyant, we can take you to the asset team. We respond only to those who really clean in all our thoughts has no selfish, selfish desires and deserves to be the Keepers of the Peace.

Instructions to the life of the Guardians of Peace