You can enter the ranks of the Keepers of the peace, if you pass the test through a survey.

If you know other languages and just want to become a translator, you can pass a crash test. Your profile will be considered first, if you add the first message that is ready to help with translations.

We will write, as it will be possible, if you successfully complete the questionnaires.

If the answer will not be more than 2-3 weeks, it would mean that, unfortunately, your profile will likely not be adopted, or we are not able to answer because of the check-out. If only such an opportunity appears, we will answer you. And while you may already be doing what we proposed on the website and share our video with others. 

Contact with the Guardians of the Peace

possible only after completion of the survey



How old are you?

What is for you the most precious thing in life?

Why you want to become a Guardian of the World?

What books did you read during the last 5 years?

Who would you like to be like?

What do you think about the Creator of the Universe?

What do you mean intuition?

If you are called to war, you will be ready to cause pain to others?

What do you mean love?

What do you mean happiness?

What do you do?

What are your dreams, plans and hopes for the future?

Contact with Keepers of Peace it is possible only after questioning

Questionnaires can go here::