Keepers of the peace against the main enemies of mankind

The enemy number 1) Selfishness. Selfishness creates war, violence, aggression. All people, zatevavshemu world and bloody war, have been selfish! Extreme form of selfishness is madness, which can be called Satanism or obsession with thoughts of destruction and humiliation of others and ourselves according to the law of the boomerang! 

The enemy of mankind 2) Greed is the cause of the destruction of Nature, the cause of the poor and the rich. For the sake of greed for money people have created media and spread dirty stories that reinforce aggression, hatred, fear, and warped the minds of the people!

The enemy of mankind 3) Lust (desire).  Desire violate inner peace (happiness) people, the desire to destroy happiness! Desire is evil... the needs of the people are small - this is the minimum of food, shelter and their own land.

"If they were all filled with human desires, the globe would become a living hell". (P. Boast)

Why more than 95% of the actors, filmed naked in a depraved films, poisoned himself with the drugs (alcohol, tobacco...), hung up or jumped out of the window, smashing his body into the blood??? Because they felt that by their example they are guilty of many murders, abortions.

What was the result of propaganda depraved fashion and shameless behavior? For the year kill

over 42 000 000 children during abortions! People condemn a serial killer Ted Bundy, who confessed that depraved movies, photos and games has turned him into a rapist and a murderer. 

Everyone who participates in advertising debauchery and increases people's willingness to watch the debauchery - kills the conscience. And the one who copies and distributes debauchery - all the same that burn themselves and their children eyes, hands and feet by the fire of lechery.