We invite sponsors and interpreters


We are looking for translators in all major languages ​​of the world and sponsors.   

If you are a translator and want to help us as a sponsor, you can write a letter, or a single message here.  

Your help can help thousands or millions of people. We plan to launch our video advertising per million people. 

Advertising sites are willing to help us with discounts.

Sponsors and patrons can help in the following way.

1) You can make any voluntary transfer to purse Perfect Money. U3484712 Other accounts we do not specify, because with them the constant difficulties in translation speed. On this account transfers are instant from all parts of the world. And with the rest of the accounts are often subject to errors.  

To make a transfer to this account, just use a reliable currency exchanger with different cards and accounts at Perfect Money - employs over 10 years! Http: //www.office4exchange.com

2) You are free to order our advertising video that we did not have to make financial transfers. So you can help us even more. We advise you to loyal advertising platforms, ready to help us at a discount.

3) For a fast connection can write to the Custodian of the Universe, Vsemiru: http://vk.com/id302978794