Modern humanity is now on the verge of war. , Bankrupt countries want to impose on the world a new World war. In Germany issued an appeal to all people in connection with the preparation for World war II. And in the United States reported on the ongoing worldwide genocide of 5 billion people through GMOs, vaccines, drugs and war. Now people around the world unite under the leadership of the Keepers of the peace, which revealed people all the World.

You now have a choice:

option 1) to Be drawn into World war II, losing friends or loved ones on the fields of war and to leave this world, nor of bringing favor to any man on Earth. 

option 2) to Assist the movement of the Keepers of the peace and to stop the aggression of the countries bankrupt before the war.

For this study, it is important to understand all.

Instructions to the life of the Guardians of Peace


1. Every night when we go to bed, we do not guarantee that

The next morning we still live in the world, but we still use alarm clock or make plans for tomorrow. This is called Hope.


2. Once the villagers decided to pray for it to rain came. On the day of the scheduled prayer all people gathered together, 

but only one boy took an umbrella. This is called Faith.


3. When you sincerely tell people what you feel, or when you flip a child into the air, and he is not screaming in fear, 

but on the contrary, laughs, because he feels that he will try to catch and not to drop, it is - The Trust.


4. When we close our eyes, we see that the outside world does not exist.

But if you open your eyes, you realize that only our own mind

creates all external images and forms the outside world. When we notice in others only what is in ourselves, so realize that it makes no sense to criticize anyone, and curse, and have the desire to silence a good example, it is called true wisdom.


5. When conservationist respects any motherhood, protects the weak mothers and children not only people but also animals, 

it is - true love, mercy.


"True compassion is not limited to man." (M. Gonzalez)


"Every merciful act - it rung of the ladder,

leading to heaven. "(Henry Beecher)


"Excessive thirst for power led to the fall of the angels; excessive thirst for knowledge leads to the fall of man; but mercy can not be excessive and not harm, nor angels, nor man." (F. Bacon)


"Any murder for selfish desires - a denial of love, rejection of the Creator, 

the curse itself, the celebration of cruelty and blind selfishness." (N. light)


6. When the hunter lives and works only for the money and buy things for them, chemical products or someone else's 

flesh of dead children and mothers animals without even thinking about the welfare of others and not wanting 

to change bad habits. This is the blind selfishness, which is the basis for the destruction of the world, all the quarrels and wars.


Blind selfishness pushed people to the destruction of more than 70% of the forest, more than 90% of rare fish and animals! Blind selfishness - is any action without understanding the consequences.


7. When we understand that our development is no limit, and take every moment with gratitude and without fear of rejection 

as training in high school for the eternal soul, it is called a true life in harmony with the universe.