What is important to remember?

Duties of Keepers of Peace:


1) To help all people to realize that every person in the universe gets not primarily what he wants and what he wants others! What other person wants, he inevitably gets! Therefore, anger, aggression and vicious criticism like poison of self-poisoning.


2) Release from the slavery of selfishness and greed of the owners of the corporations that have sponsored World War II in order to create a common monetary currency to manage all the countries in the world, buying up all the land and the creation of false values ​​of life (suggestion belief in the need of money, suggestion belief in the value of paper money soulless higher values a life and friendship among peoples).


3) to reconcile all the nations of the world and help them to realize that all the quarrels and wars - is a fraud, which is created and amplified by the media (television, radio, newspapers, internet) for the sake of greed owners money! It is not a secret that the First and Second World Wars were created by bankers because of greed, and all the nations of the world are used as cannon fodder for their own selfish purposes. All media work for the creators of wars or the owners of money and are the simplest form of hypnosis. And people believe in hypnosis any media or in any lie, if it is repeated many times. Media talk about the consequences, but never talk about the reasons. A true knowledge - is the realization of the true causes of all events.


More than 90% of the information in the world is distorted, it would be foolish to seek knowledge in the news media. There's just no knowledge, has never been and can not be! None of the encyclopedia of the world and in any book not complete knowledge. It is high time people become aware of the causes of quarrel, resentment and war, boycott all media.


4) To help people understand the depravity of religion of money, which is the main cause of greed, selfishness, self-destruction and the destruction of the planet. 95% of crimes are committed in the world for the sake of greed for money.


If we abandon the religion of money, which was set up recently to buy up all the land of the world, led to the ruin and misery of millions of people, all summed up to the threshold of the destruction of our planet and back again real products exchange personal work, as it was millions of years, billions will be solved today problems!


Previously, people with no money free from the heart helped build each other at home, grow food! People were kind and helpful! And with the establishment of the religion of money people have increased hundreds of defects, especially greed, envy and selfishness. Many people today often do not have enough money for a normal natural and pure food, not enough money even to eat habitation and utilities. And furthermore, air, rivers, lakes and seas in many parts of the world production of hazardous products poisoned trinkets: different packages, bottles, candy wrappers and other chemistry, which is not necessary for those who live on their own land! People who live on reservations, cities suffer from a shortage of clean energy, from the close of harmful concrete space, electromagnetic waves phones and other technology, suffer from a lack of clean air, and unknowingly poisoned water chemicals and waste.


The only way help themselves and nature - to seek to move to the land and build the house of the pure ecological cheap materials (clay or wood). It is accessible to many, and house of clay, you can create even without money.


What is important to remember each keepers of the peace?


1) We are all - one! It is important to realize that if our entire universe is said to even modern earth scientists, came from a single point, then everything in the world we are united, all of us - part of the whole and can affect all events in the world. We all - one family. I am you and you are I am.


2) The planet is created by thought, so all thoughts more clear! Before doing something, it is important to remember that our world was created by the power of thought. Everything that we think we are magnified (sometimes thousands of times, and sometimes millions of times). It is therefore important to think only about the good and believe that "keepers of the peace" will help many people change and stop the aggression on Earth. Viewing movies and negative news from quarrels, grievances - it's just garbage information pollution flows of information, which poisons the thinking of people and makes them complicit gain insults, quarrels and wars.


3) conscience forbids a man to kill. What other people wished he inevitably gets, because it's the law and it was forever, who forgot about him, the conscience is ruined. Each is important to realize that people are starting to war only when the connection is terminated with a conscience, which prohibits the killing of any living creature.


Not even a single spirit of man on earth is not dying. Death exists only for what is already dead - for the body of the earth elements (dying and temporary earthly shell spirit). Therefore, all the arguments, criticism, aggression due to fear of losing one's body and all wars are tricked Dark egregors (collective thought-forms).


4) The mind, which came out from under the control of the Spirit and conscience - this is the devil, whom many naively trying to find anywhere, but not inside. Division of people into the mind-devil invented languages, countries, flags, names, boundaries, weapons, human laws - this is a global deception of all mankind, which leads to separation and quarrels.


5) The more you give to others, the more you get. Surely this man, you do not notice?


The more a person helps the heart keepers of the peace, without self-interest, the more he gets help from the universe itself through the events and manifested in his life. It is more valuable and more than all the money in the world. We have a plan how to help all the people of our Planet Earth. If you sincerely wish peace and happiness in the world for yourself and others, we will be happy to.


You can act now to instructions keepers of the peace.