Video Keepers of the peace

Video members of the Union (offer to share the video with everyone and we invite interpreters to translate into all the major languages of the world).   We recommend to save a souvenir as available. Links to preserve the site yandex available on the links and clicking on a new page "Download" button, which is visible to the right after the jump.

1)  English "Together we are one". Dowload:    Watch:


2)  What's to stop World War? ( Download in English):


3) 7 examples that help us understand what life is


4)  What is important to remember each Keeper of the Peace? Download:


1) What is important to remember to every person on Earth (Code of honor the Keepers of the Peace)

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2) 7 examples that help us understand what life is.

3) Stop war Appeal to all mankind


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